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mCloud Signs Another Partnership – Hubei Huayan

by | Feb 4, 2019 | mCloud

Universal mCloud Corp. announced today a partnership with Hubei Huayan Zhidian Technology Co., Ltd. to deliver smart building technology in China.

Huayan is a leader in smart platform development and is the first enterprise in Hubei province to offer comprehensive IoT product solutions. Huayan provides its services to commercial buildings, offices, hospitals, schools and more. Huayan’s objective it to further differentiate its smart building capabilities through the distribution of mCloud’s AssetCare offering.

mCloud aims to optimize and reduce energy consumption across major Chinese urban centers through the targeted implementation of its AI-driven AssetCare solution. The Company’s partnership with Huayan creates strong opportunities in the China market, specifically in South Central China. As announced on January 8, 2019, mCloud secured its first 9-year contract through its partnership with SCN to implement AssetCare HVAC at a Heiwado shopping centre in China’s Hunan province. Through mClouds new partnership with Huayan, the Company continues to build its presence in China, expanding into the neighboring province of Hubei.

“mCloud continues to demonstrate the success of its strategic partnership model in China,” stated Costantino Lanza, Chief Growth Officer leading the China initiative at mCloud. “We expect to achieve strong synergies with Huayan and benefit from their existing capabilities, established presence and talented team of experts. As demand for energy-efficient solutions grows across China, we look to best-in-class partners like Huayan to deliver mClouds AssetCare solution.”

“Huayan is a leader in delivering smart building technologies to the Chinese market,” said Mr. Heping Xia, CEO of Huayan. ¬†“mCloud’s AssetCare offering aligns with our existing¬† solutions and expands our portfolio to create added value for our customers. We are pleased to offer mCloud’s unique and differentiating product that equips us with the latest AI and mobile technology and aligns us with a progressive company.”

As mCloud builds its presence in Hubei, it continues to view the province’s capital city of Wuhan as a strong contender for its future Center of Excellence in China. As announced on August 29, 2018, mCloud established its presence in the city with the signing of a MOU with Wuhan officials.

This agreement promotes mCloud as part of Wuhan’s green city initiatives. Wuhan City is home to one of China’s leading technical universities and boasts China’s largest student population with over 1.4 million students. mCloud views Wuhan City as an optimal location for a future Chinese Center of Excellence, where it will ultimately provide direct support to its Chinese customers.



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